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Feng Shui Basics

Thursday, September 26th  6:30-8:00pm

In this class you will learn:

  • Basic feng shui principles and practical tips
  • About energy flow and ways to enhance it
  • How to identify and use positions of strength
  • How to use a Bagua Map
  • How to place some Feng Shui cures

Come and learn how to take steps toward creating a beautiful new life.

Taught by Mary Mieth, Feng Shui and Dowsing (Pendulum) Practitioner

Mary Mieth

Mary Mieth has been a Feng Shui practitioner, teaching and consulting since 1995. She practices Feng Shui in a western style, integrating the eastern principles into our contemporary lifestyles, helping people homes and businesses. She has been a dowser for 20 years, using it for herself, to help her clients and in developing her “Labyrinth Light” business.

Class Fee: $20 per person or $30 for two.

Tao Soul Chakra & Self Healing/Meditation

September 28th
FREE Tao Meditation/Mindfulness 12:30-12:50pm
Workshop 1:00-2:30pm ~ Cost: $35 individual/$60 couple

Do you have Chronic Pain, Anxiety/Stress, Depression, Chronic Illness?

  • Learn simple Mindfulness/Meditation plus self healing techniques which have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve health.
  • Tao Soul Chakra (workshop focus is on Chakras 1-4)
  • Tao Soul (Shen-Qi-Jing) focuses on the cause that could be the result of challenges, pain and illness.
  • Heal your soul first to allow your energy to flow and your physical, mental and emotional bodies to heal.
  • Special Event price! (Valued at $200)

Presented by Dennis Shimosaka from Shimosaka Healing Services

Reserve Today! Limited Seating

Email: dshimosaka@gmail.com or call Dennis (916) 224-1889

Tarot to Goals class

Tarot to Goals

Saturday, September 28th 3:00-5:00pm

“Learn your soul’s purpose, align with your goals, make a plan, and create a happier and best possible you.”

During this 90 minute class taught by Aleksander Podlubny you will:

  • Write your heart-centered goals
  • Learn about the seven or nine-stage models of the Hero’s Journey through life
  • Identify the seven gifts of the spirit
  • Locate your personality type in the Tarot deck and find its astrological purpose
  • Divide yearly cycle into four spiritual parts: Eagle, Lion, Bull, and Angel
  • Draw corresponding parallels with alpha, beta, delta and gamma personality types
  • Cross-reference the ancient knowledge of personality with modern science
  • Learn about the seven senses and sevenfold awareness practice
  • Find unique and uncommon card meanings in the deck
  • Find Biblical correspondences in the Tarot
  • Connect card meanings to real-life changes
  • Use this supportive learning environment to brainstorm new solutions to everyday challenges

Aleksander Podlubny is a Tarot Reader, astrologer and a life coach with over 25 years of practice and work experience in the field of spirituality. Discover your soul’s purpose and align your the next goal with it. Make a plan and start step by step transition to create a happier, unique and best possible you. Aleksander teaches an ongoing class: Secrets of the Tarot, Eternal Map of Archetypal Realms.

Aleksander also guides his clients in the exploration of their spiritual selves through breath, meditation, and conscious body movements.

Cost: $49.99

Please call (916) 494-2860 for more information.

Dark of the Moon (New Moon) Women’s Circle

Saturday, September 28th 5:30-7:30pm

Join us for a once a month event on or near the night of the new moon. Focusing on the powers of the divine feminine. This circle is for women only. We use an inclusive definition of “women” as in all women identified persons are welcome.

We come together to release & receive by:

Going within and opening ourselves up to healing. Setting our intentions for the next month, season and beginning a new emotional cycle. Entering sacred space together, sharing our thought and feeling, while bearing witness to each other.

We incorporate into our circle:

“Goddess of the Month” Each circle is divinely guided by the teachings of a Goddess and will encompass: different types of meditation, energetic & intuitive exercises, light ceremony & prayer and astrological discussions.

All you need to bring is yourself, a friend, a journal, and an open mind and heart.

18 Years and up to attend. $15 Suggested Donation. Cash or Venmo @Jennifer-Ramirez-136. You will not be turned away due to lack of funds but do please pay what you can as it helps pay for the space, materials, online presence, and an energy exchange for the leader of the circle’s time and effort.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Learning & Practice Group

Sunday, September 29th 1:00-3:00pm

Have you wondered why you have certain patterns repeat? Curious about past lives? Want to meet your familial ancestors? Feel the need to explore your soul’s purpose and lessons in this life?

Come join us to learn ask these questions to your guides, masters, and teachers in the Akashic Records!

This is a learning and practice group so all levels are welcome! We meet twice a month. Each class is $15.

Hosted by Crystal Connor

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