Tarot to Goals class

Tarot to Goals

Saturday, September 28th 3:00-5:00pm

“Learn your soul’s purpose, align with your goals, make a plan, and create a happier and best possible you.”

During this 90 minute class taught by Aleksander Podlubny you will:

  • Write your heart-centered goals
  • Learn about the seven or nine-stage models of the Hero’s Journey through life
  • Identify the seven gifts of the spirit
  • Locate your personality type in the Tarot deck and find its astrological purpose
  • Divide yearly cycle into four spiritual parts: Eagle, Lion, Bull, and Angel
  • Draw corresponding parallels with alpha, beta, delta and gamma personality types
  • Cross-reference the ancient knowledge of personality with modern science
  • Learn about the seven senses and sevenfold awareness practice
  • Find unique and uncommon card meanings in the deck
  • Find Biblical correspondences in the Tarot
  • Connect card meanings to real-life changes
  • Use this supportive learning environment to brainstorm new solutions to everyday challenges

Aleksander Podlubny is a Tarot Reader, astrologer and a life coach with over 25 years of practice and work experience in the field of spirituality. Discover your soul’s purpose and align your the next goal with it. Make a plan and start step by step transition to create a happier, unique and best possible you. Aleksander teaches an ongoing class: Secrets of the Tarot, Eternal Map of Archetypal Realms.

Aleksander also guides his clients in the exploration of their spiritual selves through breath, meditation, and conscious body movements.

Cost: $49.99

Please call (916) 494-2860 for more information.

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