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Healing to this Woman Diopside Necklace

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Beautiful metal lotus pendant with Diopside crystal in the center, and a lovely mantra on the back. Comes with a chain. Pendant is roughly the size of a silver dollar.

Diopside is a crystal for heart healing on all levels from the physical to the spiritual. Diopside helps one understand humility and supports the connection of intuition with one’s heart truth. Diopside honors and objectively supports one’s true feelings. Diopside is wonderful for increasing one’s capacity for compassion and humility with a loving vibration for oneself and others. Fostering forgiveness and supporting the process of letting go, Diopside is helpful for those who are experiencing grief. Diopside releases the feeling of being overburden, provides a sense of empowerment and teaches one how to approach life with a lighter heart and positive attitude. Diopside helps one to be centered, aligned with the Divine, and assists with the dissolution of stress, anxiety and tension. The grounding vibrations of Diopside helps to establish a resonant energy link between the aura and the Earth promoting a connection with the natural world. Diopside aids one’s contact with planetary consciousness, in the practice of animal communication, and attunement with the mineral and devic realm.

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