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Saturday Morning Meditation: Inspired by Native American Teachings

1st and 3rd Saturdays – 10:30am to 11:00am

Limited to 10 people – Donation at attendance

Al Striplen
Al Striplen

Al Striplen offers guided meditation for balance and coherence with Nature. Beginners and experienced are welcome. Growth in understanding one’s personal Spiritual Being is the focus of on-going sessions.  Teachings are based on more than 40 years of personal involvement in Native American communities and ceremonies. The significance of “Ceremony” and concepts symbolized in the “Medicine Wheel” serve as vehicles for understanding the importance of meditation to spiritual growth. This will shed light on understanding meditation in the present day. All meditation teachings and practices, ancient and new are honored. All are welcome.

Preparation:  Dress comfortably. Be on time. Please stay for the entire session. 

Schedule: For recurring meditation sessions and future workshops, call 916-440-1533 or check back here @ the Sunlight of the Spirit “in store events” webpage.

Refer to to learn more about Al.

Individual instruction on meditation, guidance/counseling, and Reconnective Healing sessions are offered at Baratta Holistic Center in Carmichael, CA. Contact Al directly for appointment

Saturday Morning Meditation with Mairyn

2nd and 4th Saturdays – 10:30am to 11:00am

Limited to 10 Participants – Donations Appreciated


On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month, Mairyn will lead and co-create a safe, sacred space of remembrance.  The intention for every meditation circle is to harmonize mind, body and soul with the rhythm of Mother Earth and divine cosmic energy available to us in all moments.

Without expectation or attachment, you will receive the gift of connecting to your breath and your chakras which allows for a grounded, calm, and heart-centered approach to your day. Remembering to utilize our tools of deep conscious breaths, intentional movement and sacred stillness activates a portal of deep energetic healing, and ignites the connection to our source of true personal power.

Please join us, just as you are for a moment to create synchronized loving vibrations and gratitude for the present moment.

Noccan Kani Mairyn Ashleigh Powers – I am the self that abides within the heart.

Through my phases of spiritual evolution, I have discovered many tools and pathways to not only navigate this reality we all live in but to create harmony and sovereignty with my being.

I resonate deeply with shamanism, to know thyself, and consistently ritualizing my intentions, my truth and my gratitude to Source. I honor my life as sacred. I honor it all as sacred. Let’s walk each other home.

Manifesting the Life I Want – Meditation Workshop by Al Striplen

Al Striplen
Al Striplen

3rd Thursdays and 3rd Saturdays
from 2:30 to 3:30pm

Attendance limited to 5 until further notice. Text 916-716-9556 & leave your first name, last name, & phone number. You will receive a text back if the session is full.

  • 60 Minute Workshop including instruction and guided meditation – no experience needed.
  • Fee: $20 cash on arrival. Register in advance due to limited seating.
  • More information about Al on this website:

Manifesting the Life I Want – Gaining Command of Life Choices & Personal Health
This is a practical, confidence-building workshop offering information and tools for immediate use to enhance command of your personal life. A commitment to establish “intent” for constructive change and to live with “awareness” is all that is needed. How to do this is the subject of this workshop. Native American Medicine Wheel and Spirituality are used as a reference followed by Q & A on understanding “Spirit.” (workshop can be repeated)

Note: Individual instruction and guidance can also be done during regular reading sessions (established reader fees apply).

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