Tao Soul Healing (Shen Qi Jing) with Dennis Shimosaka

Dennis Shimosaka
Tao Soul Healing with Dennis Shimosaka

As a Tao Soul Healing practitioner, Dennis Shimosaka offers a new alternative solution to pain: Minor/major physical pain (muscles, back, neck, other); Mental/emotional pain (anxiety, stress, grief, sadness, fear, other); Help for financial or any blocks to achieving your goals.

Shen-Qi-Jing: change the pain message from the Shen (soul) level so the Qi (energy) can flow and heal the Jing (matter/physical body).

What Class Participants Say About Dennis…

Thank you for teaching me how to heal myself

So grateful to have participated today! Your healing energy has relieved my chronic foot neuropathy and I am overjoyed with relief. Thank you so much Dennis for teaching me how to heal myself. I knew I could do this; just needed to learn the “how”s. —P.S.

I never thought I would be pain-free

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 35 years, hernia pain never stopped. Bladder issues continued also. I had epidural injections in my back and was in pain for over a week after the injections. After receiving Blessings/Healings from Dennis, the pain levels have been reduced significantly including improved bladder. I never thought I would be pain-free. —T.B.

I never considered myself as a “healer”

I wasn’t aware of my own ability to heal. I always assumed I needed to find a different source–someone with healing abilities. I never considered myself as a “healer”. I’m grateful for this new awareness and to take my own wellbeing more into my own hands. —N.C.

Experienced how I can help myself to heal

Dennis helped for me to experience how I can tap into my energy; help myself to heal. I profoundly experienced Dennis’ healing also. I am much calmer with mind clarity. I feel open: pure! My pain in body has disappeared. —R.B.

A wonderful experience and life-changer

It was a wonderful experience and life-changer. I felt the energy and healing. Dennis is a great teacher, able to explain everything in detail, very, very knowledgeable, and a wonderful healer. —P.Q.

I felt great after this class with Dennis

Great class – my hip pain decreased from about level 8 (out of 10) down to a 2! I felt great after this class with Dennis. I would highly recommend this to everyone. —S.Z.

Dennis is offering a workshop, Tao Soul Healing for Pain Relief, Saturday, October 12th 1-3pm.

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