Shari — Tarot Card Readings & Energy Enhancements


Shari, MA ATR, has been reading the tarot for 15 years. As a direct intuitive and channel, Shari uses her gifts with Tarot cards to offer help with relationship and business issues, personal empowerment and development, abundance, and more.

She is an accomplished artist, registered art therapist and incorporates her knowledge of symbolism, and color into her readings. She can translate the energy that her clients broadcast on to the Tarot.

Shari has a background in intermediate energy work, resonance modulation, and has studied under Dr. Melinda Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM who is the Holos University Director of Research. Shari’s goal with you is to facilitate positive changes through compassion.

Shari has studied the art of building more Chi in your environment, from a 25-year Feng Shui and dowsing practitioner, Mary Meith. By activating each area of your home or business can enhance your overall wellbeing.

Shari also uses her background as an Art Therapy to observe the colors and symbolism in your environment that may be affecting you. Cures and enhancements are both used as environmental affirmations to activate your intentions into physical form. Cures to fix the energy problem; enhancements to improve the energy of the space.

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