Mariscela and Theodore

Sacramento Shamanic Circle

Sunday, January 19th ~ 3:30 to 5:00pm

Join Mariscela, Theodore and the Buffalo Mother Drum to create a “sacred bridge” to the Spirit world within the joy and support of a Shamanic circle!

During our first circle of this brand new 2020, we invite you to step into the powerful time of “new beginnings!” Let’s create a joyful and sacred ceremony where we can support each other in bringing to life our most fulfilling reality with the guidance of Shamanic journey and drumming.

January is an auspicious time to plant new seeds of what we intend to embody throughout the rest of the year, as the true power is in becoming what we seek. During Shamanic journeying, let’s refine our thoughts and feelings to a higher vibration, as they are subconsciously setting up the foundation of our new year. Let’s celebrate our new creation in the joy and power of drumming.

Cost: $12 – Please pay with cash or check only
Contact Mariscela at 530-863-0003 or

This is an indoor circle for women, men and children ages 10 & up.
Bring drums & rattles or any sound maker. We’ve some extras to share.

Parking: there is free parking on J, 23rd and 24th Street

Mariscela and Theodore offer Shamanic Circles every month and Andean Ceremonies every solstice and equinox.  Mariscela embraces her native Peruvian culture, rich in traditions and ancient healing techniques.  Theodore carries the Native American tradition of his Wailaki lineage, a northwestern California tribe who believed that spirits were present in all objects, inanimate as well as animate.

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