Psychic Readings with Madame Debra


  • Known in Los Angeles as “Madame Debra,” she has amazed and delighted celebrities, and now she lives in Sacramento! As Madame Debra, her readings include use of palmistry, Tarot cards, aura & chakra readings, crystal ball and more. Debra comes from a matrilineal heritage of women gifted with intuition and clairvoyant dreams.
  • Her gifts and travels introduced her to the world of shamanism; Debra worked with First Nation teachers & healers, Huichol and other shamans from the Americas, Hawai’i and Africa. She studied the Northern Peruvian “Mesa” tradition of shamanic ceremony with don Eduardo Calderon, whose ancestors built pyramids at least 1,800 years before the Egyptians. A devotee of the goddess, especially White Tara, Debra uses a Lunar Calendar for planning ceremonial, spiritual circles.
  • In 1985 Debra was the founding Editor and visual designer of Shaman’s Drum: Journal of Experiential Shamanism, where she established its style and emceed large events with shamans visiting from other cultures at Fort Mason in San Francisco. At that time Debra also established her private practice, Shamanic Arts Education & Counseling (SM).
  • Debra applies her gifts not only to helping individuals gain insight and awareness of life outside the mere physical dimensions, but also to the pursuit of peaceful coexistence on planet Earth, and to professional counseling. She used her dreaming heritage and shamanic training to develop the Shamanic Waking, Lucid Dreaming (SM) modality, which has helped individuals cope with mood, death & dying and other challenges. She has worked on graduate faculty, teaching the Enneagram of Personality, Mythic Drama (SM), dreaming skills and other modalities.
  • Debra is committed to what she has for years called, “practical tools for peaceful living” (SM), as a shamanic set of tools for better quality of personal, social and inter species life.
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