Tarot Card Readings, Reiki Energy,
and Crystal Healings with Julie Baltzley

Julie Baltzley

Julie began studying Tarot in the 90’s and became a professional reader in 2015. Since then, she has given thousands of readings online, at psychic fairs, cafés, shops, over the phone and by chat.

Over the years, she has discovered new ways to receive psychic information for herself, including reading bodily sensations and hearing direct phrases, words, and numbers.

Curious about metaphysical topics since her youth, Julie received training in crystal healing, meditation and received a Reiki Master certification in 2011 in the Usui tradition.  She can provide in-person or distance healing during a Tarot reading or in a separate session.

Julie intends her time with you to be inspiring, relaxing and practical. She is determined to answer any question you have with compassion and clarity.

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