Honoria Jones, Tarot Reader

Honoria Jones
Honoria Jones, Tarot Reader

Honoria Jones, BA has been studying and reading Tarot for the past 9 years. She intuitively channels and integrates her knowledge of Astrology and Psychology* to assist clients with decision making, insight, and personal empowerment.

As a visual artist and channel, she is adept at interpreting symbolism and reading-between-the-lines to get to the heart the situation at hand. In addition to her intuitive insights, she is highly trained in the traditional system of tarot, adding ethos and substance to her readings. Her combination of personal downloads and classical training in Tarot allows her to help clients reframe their issues and explore practical solutions.

In addition to her Tarot practice, Honoria is an accomplished musician, visual artist, and birth doula.

*Although informed by contemporary psychological principles, her services do not take the place of psychotherapy.

Testimonial from a client…

“Your reading confirmed my hopes about being financially responsible while not giving up on my dreams. Also, that my top priority has been to honor my own safety and comfort. That’s not always the fashionable thing to admit. It is the true thing at this time in my life. 
I respect the art of Tarot as a powerful tool of divination and that Tarot does not predict future events to us but shows us future possibilities or what we have had on our minds…shows us ourselves to ourself. 
I would recommend you as a reader to my friends because I found you to be a gentle person and professional. You showed up on time and ready to read. Also you are a serious student/ practitioner of Tarot, I can tell it is one of your passions.
I don’t have much to add to that except for I am excited for you! 
Thank you again!”

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