Counseling, Guidance & Meditation with Al Striplen

Reconnective Healing with Al Striplen
Al Striplen

Earth, humans and all of nature are going through a transition of consciousness. There are ways to work with and effectively be part of this transition. Doing so promotes personal health, clarity and effective ways to release fear from our lives.

We begin work where you are and with the issues and questions you wish to discuss. 

My journey has been one of searching for truth about myself, nature, religion, spirituality and about the universe and God. Of course, initially I didn’t know I was on a journey. I was just curious about why things were the way they were.

Eventually, my search centered around learning my ethnic roots; about my father’s Native American background and my mother’s Aztec heritage. This was my gateway to those who knew about spirit and could share clues about the true nature of things. They included Native American elders and shaman, individuals with intuitive skills, mediums, astrologers, and books upon books.

In short, they taught me to listen to the quiet voice of the heart, to trust my intuition, nurture my relationship with the Earth and to honor my role as counselor and teacher.

It is my responsibility to share what I have learned with others. Creating a meaningful and joyful life is a gift that is achievable.

Training and experience:

-Formal degrees in teaching and counseling with 40 plus years of experience
-Career guidance
-Reconnective Healing® (ref: Dr. Eric Pearl,

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