Being in Harmony with Nature meditation workshop

Being in Harmony (Coherent Relationship) with Nature: Introduction to Meditation Inspired by Native American Teachings

Saturday, February 22nd  1-3pm

Workshop limited to 10 people ~ $20/person (cash preferred)

Al Striplen offers holistic approaches and methods to physical and spiritual wellness (which are also practical for everyday life)—based on the instructor’s personal experience and extensive involvement in Native American communities. The “Native American Medicine Wheel” and “Ceremony” are two conceptual vehicles focused on in this participatory/interactive workshop. Many approaches to teaching and practicing meditation exist, some new and some ancient. All of these are honored.

Above all, this workshop is a safe place for beginning and experienced meditators as well as those who simply have curiosity. We will share experience, ask questions and participate in a guided meditation experience. The use of terminology will be kept simple enough for the group to understand it. All levels of experience are welcome to this respectful, appreciative and loving experience.

Willingness to consider and appreciate different beliefs (openmindedness) is the only prerequisite for this workshop. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water to drink if you wish.

Possible questions to explore:
• What is to be achieved by meditating?
• How does one experience and explore multidimensionality in everyday life?
• Does change occur and how does one recognize or perceive change?

Workshop General Outline*

-Introductions & Instructor’s personal background (30 min)

-Orientation about meditation/Brief discussion/Q & A

-3 min. flute-guided meditation

-Introduction & overview of the “Medicine Wheel” and “Ceremony” (45 min)

-Medicine Wheel & Ceremony related to meditation and coherence

-5 min. verbal guided meditation followed by feedback

-Past, present and future – Indigenous teachings about 2012 and beyond (30 min)
-Closure – Guided meditation (10 min)

*(Times are approximate and may vary according to group interest and Q & A)

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, contact Al Striplen at or fill out this contact form to email him directly:

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