Astro Newsletter #2

Transitioning into Autumn

The Second Half of September

Hello, Sunlight Family!

The heat lingers but we are slowly transitioning into autumn. The second half of September brings many notable transits! You can use this horoscope and stone suggestions as a guide to help you navigate through this transition!

On the 14th, Mars (the planet of aggression, war, and taking up space) enters Libra (the sign of diplomacy, beauty, and consulting all possibilities). While the energy of Mars is “least effective” in Libra, this is not always a bad thing! While this planetary placement may make it more difficult to assert yourself with confidence, the strategic approach that is fostered through Mar’s diluted influence could prove very beneficial for navigating interpersonal relationships (which Libra is very concerned with). If used beneficially, this energy could be great for building a bridge with someone you have not been seeing eye-to-eye with. It’s a good time to use the judicious nature of Libra to analyze what is working and what is not. The peaceful nature of Libra makes it potentially easier to have difficult or clarifying conversations that might lead to emotional discomfort or disagreements.

What to avoid here is passivity. The worst incarnation of Mars in Libra is indecision, sitting on an idea until it withers, or allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Make your best effort to be analytical while taking beneficial actions, and most of all, avoid procrastination! You might have a lot of beautiful ideas right now and it’s important to follow through on them. Some beneficial stones to carry in order to strengthen our will-power include carnelian to boost our physical energy and creative power, red jasper for self-confidence, autonomy, and emotional stamina, and apatite for clearing confusion, balancing erratic energy, communication, and expanding our knowledge of the truth.

On the 16th, the Sun trines Pluto. This transit brings an intensity to your personal power. This is most likely to be harnessed beneficially in the workplace by demonstrating your abilities to your superiors. This can also send you into a quest to deeply understand something that is happening around you and/or a part of your nature. This is a good time to invest in finding answers and displaying your abilities. Some beneficial stones to carry on this day include citrine for willpower, confidence, and physical energy and bronzite for grounding, reducing self-doubt, and handling difficult situations with nobility and kindness.

This day also brings an exact square between Venus and Saturn. This can be a hard transit to navigate and is a good time to either keep to oneself, or invest in the responsibilities of their valuable relationships. Interpersonally, you might feel a lack of closeness in your love life due to fear, shyness, or physical/emotional distance. Instead of acting on the discomfort of this exchange, this would be a good time to garner your own sense of value in private. Similarly, you might feel the urge to check out and “treat yourself” instead of doing work or showing up to a difficult relational dynamic but this is not a beneficial urge. It is imperative that you put in effort. Stones to help you deal with potential feelings of rejection are rose quartz for absorbing emotional anguish, increasing self-love, and offers support to those who have suffered from relational abuse or general heartbreak.

On the 22nd, we have Mercury trine Pluto. This is a wonderful day to cache in a favor owed or to convince someone of your perspective. This transit gives the mind a penetrating quality and you might uncover some sort of secret or elusive information. This could also be a time when you meet or encounter someone who challenges your perspective in a way that fosters growth! This is an excellent day for research and investigation, engaging in psychotherapy or personal exploration, and diving deeper into mystical systems like astrology, tarot, past lives and your dreamworld. The perfect crystal (actually it’s a natural glass formed from a meteorite impact) to carry on this day would be moldavite! This tektite resonates with both the planets Mercury and Pluto and is very effective for aligning with your highest self and aids in deep meditation.

On the 23rd, Venus directly opposes Uranus which has the potential to bring unexpected events, surprises, or abrupt changes to our interpersonal relationships or finances. On the positive side, this could manifest as you being surprised by your partner, unexpectedly meeting somebody who is very cute (!), doing something fun and wild with your partner or best friend, changing the way you feel about somebody, or deciding to make a drastic change to your appearance. However, Uranus can also cause discomfort and anxiety for people who do not cope well with rapid changes. This transit could also show itself as being shocked by someone else’s reactions of behavior, feeling unsettled and emotionally erratic due to someone else’s inconsistency, run-ins with people that are strange or confusing, and having difficulty with an emotional conversation. If the energy of this day is feeling more erratic than exciting, this is a good time to separate from those we love so that we can conserve and balance our energy to avoid unpleasant exchanges that result from feeling dysregulated. A good stone to carry on this day would be malachite as it aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety, overcoming emotional pain, and helps to reveal subconscious blocks.

On September 25th we will experience an exact trine between Mars and Saturn. This is a truly excellent day for taking on any task that requires strength, perseverance, or grit. With energetic Mars flowing in concert with concentrated Saturn, you will be fortified to approach things that you may have been procrastinating on or avoiding. If you are dating, this could be a day when you experience a deepening of the relationship or feel yourself becoming “exclusive”. This is a good day to sign contracts, make business deals, and deal with authorities. A great stone to wear or carry to boost this focused energy would be hematite! Hematite is a grounding and Saturnine iron oxide that increases optimism and willpower, and protects against stress, negativity, jealousy, and anger. Carnelian and citrine would also be good to carry on this day (especially if you are trying to get work done) as they vibrate with the energy of Mars.

Brace yourselves because Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Libra on the 26th and will stations direct on October 18th. This transit has become pretty popular in the media as it is truly felt by many. Although this transit has the reputation for being frustrating, this energy can be used to circle back to issues that are associated with the sign that it inhabits. Venus ruled Libra is the sign of love, beauty, and relationships so we are likely to feel this Mercury retrograde most strongly in our relationships. While this Air sign is generally pretty astute, Mercury retrograding through Libra can leave us feeling unsure or misinformed about where we stand with people, particularly someone you have romantic feelings for. This could be due to indirect communication due a mind that has not yet made itself up. It is important to tell our truth and not overly package information so that it is pleasing to hear but not emphasising the point. You can expect that any unresolved issues or tensions that lie in your relationships with others will be brought to your attention. During this transit, interpreting subtle communication from others can be more difficult. This can be mitigated by trying to see the issue from all perspectives in a way that honors truth and harmony. An excellent stone to carry during this time would be rhodochrosite. This stone is attuned to the energies of both Venus (the ruler of Libra) and Mercury. Carrying it or wearing it aids in enhancing our memory and intellectual stamina especially around interpersonal issues in addition to balancing our emotional reactions and increasing compassion for oneself and others! For this reason, it is great to wear when meditating on fostering loving and harmonious relationships.

The 29th brings us two transits; Venus trine Neptune and Sun trine Saturn. These two planetary dances serve to balance each other out with Venus trine Neptune lending itself to lavishing, daydreaming, and engaging in creativity for the sake of it and Sun trine Saturn giving us the gumption to suffer through difficult work in the direction of a long-term goal. These two energies would be very well harnessed by artists, musicians, or wedding planning! Additionally, when relational Venus enters the mists of Neptune, we are likely to feel our hearts expanded. This is an excellent day to volunteer for a cause we care about, harmonious interactions with strangers, decorating a space, engaging in spiritual connections with others, or cheering up a friend who is feeling down. Larimar would be a wonderful stone to carry to increase the effects of this transit. This beautiful, opaque blue stone is associated with both Neptune and Venus and aids in self-expression, patient communication, and artistic output, especially visual. The effects of Sun trine Saturn make this a good day to connect with our elders or mentor someone who is younger than us in a subject that we have knowledge or experience in. Beauty and imagination effectively mingle with patience and an attention to detail! Carrying azurite would be beneficial for harnessing the positive and less oppressive effects of Saturn such as increasing our memory, diligence in the pursuit of creativity, and mental fortitude. This stone also aids in decision making which is a theme of a Sun trine Saturn transit!

On the 30th, we will see Venus square Jupiter. Although squares can come with their difficulties, a square between these two benefic planets is likely to feel pretty fun and may only prove problematic in scenarios that require a sober or conservative approach. When the beauty and sociability of Venus are expanded by jovial Jupiter, we are likely to feel congenial, optimistic, and generous. This is a great day for celebrating your beauty and talents (as well as others’), socializing, and networking. The downside of this transit is that it could manifest in overspending, going a little too heavy on substances, and lowering our standards in a manner that we might later regret (or that will require setting boundaries in the future). The key to this aspect is acting and reacting with prudence. For this transit, I recommend carrying both lepidolite and black tourmaline. Lepidolite aids us in impulse control (and has a high lithium output so it also serves as a rather effective mood stabilizer) while black tourmaline protects us against negative influences.

Thank you for reading this astrology newsletter and for supporting Sunlight of the Spirit! I sincerely hope you find this information helpful! All crystals, metals, and minerals mentioned in this horoscope can be found in the Sunlight of the Spirit store at 2314 J Street!

Honoria Jones

About the author:

Honoria is a tarot reader, astrologer, and musician who has been a part of the Sacramento community for the last decade. You can book a reading with her at or come into Sunlight of the Spirit on the first Saturday of every month. Her website is:

Astro Newsletter #1

Transits & Energies

First Week of September

Hello Sunlight family!

Between COVID-19 and the wildfires, we all have had a lot on our minds. Being a living creature is pretty unpredictable but luckily, we have the stars to guide us and stones from the Earth to temper our energies!

3 stones are great start for building your collection: lapis lazuli, black tourmaline, honey calcite
These three stones are would be a great starting point for building your collection. Lapis lazuli aids in mental clarity, self-expression, and self-awareness (a great stone to meditate with). Black tourmaline protects and cleanses the physical body while helping dispel anger, negativity, and insecurity. Honey calcite stimulates our personal will and the desire to create making it a great stone to carry us through hard tasks or starting/finishing projects.

Here is a preview for the first week of September to give you some insight into how to navigate the days to come as well as some crystals and rocks that are helpful to have around (nearly all mentioned in this post can be found at Sunlight of the Spirit 🙂

On September 2nd, we will see an exact opposition between Mars (aggression, energy, sexuality) and Neptune (dreams, illusion, visual art, mind-altering substances). This can leave you feeling a lack of stamina, a sense of confusion, or feelings of insecurity around our ability to perform. Don’t be discouraged though! Use this time to reassess your goals and how they meet up with reality, preserve your energy, and explore your unconscious. This is not a good time to work through disagreements as delusion is likely and the aggressive energy of Mars has the real potential to be mishandled in the vapors of Neptune… it’s hard to grab steam, after all.

Amethyst is powerful cleansing stone.
Amethyst is a powerful cleansing stone that calms the body and wakes the mind. This is an excellent stone to use during mediation and would be auspicious to carry during any transit but especially Mars square Neptune as this transit is sometimes associated with anxiety.

Additionally, if you are pushing for a bigger goal that requires assertiveness (like asking for a raise or advocating for something that has not been offered), this might not be the best time as our perception of possibilities is skewed by Neptune’s cloud at the same moment that our energetic force is being diminished.

Instead of pushing for success or domination in the outer world, this is a time better suited for turning inward and expressing our frustration or desires through our spirituality or creativity. This is also a good time for keeping to yourself and engaging in quiet and meditative activities.
To give you a boost of confidence and clarity, carry blue appetite and lapis lazuli!

On September 4th, Mercury (education, communication, immediate environment, daily trips) forms an exact trine with Saturn (responsibility, hard work, the confines of linear time). This transit can be excellent for deepening concentration, paying attention to detail, and making plans for the future. This is also a great time to have conversations with elders or mentors, especially about the process of aging or their perspective on the trials of youth.

Some auspicious stones to carry on this day to deepen concentration and tackle those difficult tasks include fluorite, hematite, honey calcite, and quartz.

On September 5th, Venus forms an exact square to Pluto. This transit is most likely to be felt in one’s romantic relationships but can show up in any deep or close relationship. This has the possibility of bringing a sense of compulsion around that which Venus rules (money, affection, and aesthetics).

green calcite is a heart opening stone
Green calcite is a heart opening stone that helps in forgiving oneself and others, encourages compassion, and aligns you with your purpose. (Great for the Venus square Pluto transit).

This might not be the best day to make large or serious purchases as the motives behind this acquisition may be to cover up feelings of loss or inadequacy. This could also manifest as feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. Pluto is clarifying, so if an argument breaks out in a tenuous relationship, this transit could redefine it. Conversely, if the relationship has a strong foundation, the conflict brought on by the drama of these two planets could clarify and deepen the relationship.

Additionally, you might meet someone or come across something that is immediately very attractive or interesting to you.

The darkest side of this transit is the propensity for abuse of power and manipulation with those that we love because we feel a lack of safety or control. The best advice for this transit is to allow yourself to feel your feelings without prescribing them their origin to someone else. This would be a great time to dive deep into a creative project.
Heart-opening stones to temper our emotions and transmute jealousy include chrysoprase, green apatite or aventurine, peridot, aquamarine, and carnelian.

The 6th of September brings us three exact transits; Mars trine Pluto, Venus trine Jupiter, and Sun trine Uranus.

Mars trine Pluto may find you with a surge of energy towards pursuing your goals and a general “can-do” attitude. This is a great time for developing and demonstrating your leadership and/or addressing sources of conflict directly and constructively. This could also manifest as an intensity of passion (wink, wink) and the opportunity to merge deeply with another person. You are likely to be magnetic on this day if you step into your power.

Stones for enhancing personal power include red jasper, carnelian, and black onyx.

Venus trine Pluto can be experienced as a deepening of emotions in a way that is likely to feel positive or profound. This is a great time to connect with people you are close to, tap into artistic talent, or define what has meaning and worth to you. This is a great time for changing or experimenting with your appearance as a drastic change is likely to be well-received. This is a transit of strong desire and magnetism so flaunt it! This would be an excellent day to wear or carry prehnite, rhodonite, rose or spirit quartz, and pink tourmaline.

The Sun trine Uranus is exciting! This is a great transit for going on an adventure, doing something new, or leaving your comfort zone in any capacity. You might be feeling insightful, quirky, and funny on this day. It also could present you with a scenario in which you are able to advocate for your freedom. Additionally, Uranus rules electricity and the internet so this is a great day for working with or expressing yourself via technology, showing your weird side, or pursuing an idea you previously thought was too “off the wall”.

This would be a great day to carry or meditate with moldavite, super seven, azurite, malachite, turquoise.

Stay tuned in for next week’s horoscope!

Honoria Jones

About the author:

Honoria is a tarot reader, astrologer, and musician who has been a part of the Sacramento community for the last decade. You can book a reading with her at or come into Sunlight of the Spirit on the first Saturday of every month. Her website is:

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