Astro Newsletter #3

As the heat wanes…

As the heat wanes and the leaves start to fall, nature reminds us of the ephemeral nature of life. This month is full of transits that can be perceived as challenging but if harnessed with intention, can lead to profound shifts in how we perceive and interact with ourselves and others.

On October 1st, Mercury squares Pluto (again!) as Mercury retraces its steps (we are in the last retrograde of the year until October 18th). This transit lays the groundwork for some intense interpersonal interactions (especially because Mercury is in the sign of Libra) as well as a tendency to ruminate or return to painful thoughts or memories. Alternatively, you may find yourself deep in an investigation or some sort. No matter what is on your mind, it would be wise to be *careful* about how we are communicating as Pluto can make our manner of speaking rather intense. This is a time when people tend to use force or coercion to convince someone of their point of view which is likely to have the opposite of the desired effect. Positively, this is a great time for shadow work, digging deeper into the topics that trigger you, and deepening your understanding of yourself. This is *not* a good time to get in an argument if you can help it.

On October 2nd, Venus forms an exact sextile to Pluto. This transit can feel pretty intense for most. If you are in a loving relationship, this can add a sense of profundity to your connection and can increase the quality of your sexual connection. If you are single, this can lead to feelings of obsession or preoccupation with a new person or someone you have made a recent connection with. This can also lead to intense yet pleasant conversations with your friends. This is a time of profound and transformative connection. Vapidity and superficial conversations are likely to be harder to tolerate under this transit. This day can have you pondering the nature of your own and other’s true feelings.

On October 3rd, Mercury forms an exact trine to Jupiter. This is a welcome transit after the weight of Mercury’s square with Pluto. When the cerebral planet of Mercury forms a trine with benefic and expansive Jupiter, we tend to feel a sense of optimism and expansion. This is a great day for imagining possibilities, establishing long-term goals, planning a far-away trip, and organizing the spaces that you use to produce things. This is also a great day to study or engage in philosophical discussions as your mind is likely to be open and your delivery friendly. Despite the fact that Mercury is in it’s retrograde period, this day lends a bit of luck for making important decisions that will go into the future and is not a bad time to sign a contract (if you must). This is a day there are likely to be many social opportunities and/or you may find it easier to get along with new people and make new friends! What a breath of fresh air.

The next transit of the month is the Sun conjunct Mars on October 7th. This transit can bring on a burst of energy (and potentially aggression) that has the chance to be constructive or erratic depending on how it is wielded. Positively, this is an excellent day for physical activity, games, anything that involves a healthy level of competition, as well as project accomplishment and creative pursuits (this is also likely to be relevant in the bedroom). This is a great day to start a project as you are likely to feel assertive and full of initiative. It is important to be in tune with your body and emotions on this day as this transit also had the potential to lead to impatience and irritation which can lead to accidents, both physical and interpersonal. Try your best not to be threatening, domineering, or aggressive. If you feel tension between you and someone else, this is a good day to take a solo walk instead of trying to discuss it as the potential to lose one’s temper is very real.

On October 9th, the Sun is exactly conjunct to Mercury at the same time that Mercury forms a conjunction with Mars. While Mercury and then Sun together tend to bring a sense of alertness, playfulness, curiosity, and mental agility, Mar’s influence continues to bring intensity and aggression to our thought process and conversations. This energy could leave you feeling an impulsive need to defend yourself or respond with irritation and anger so this is a good day for self awareness. Positively, this transit combination can give us a lot of energy and mental acuity which could be auspicially harnessed for defending ourselves or others against injustices or harassment. Basically, the energy is, “I am not to be trifled with”. Physical activity, avoiding sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and avoiding stressful media are all behaviors that could aid in manifesting this energy positively.

October 13th brings us a sextile between Venus and Saturn. This transit can bring on a sobering tone to our love life. If you have been casually dating someone, you are likely to feel the winds shift as you question the longevity of your connection. If you are in a more serious relationship, you may become further committed to each other or find yourself entering some sort of contract together that serves to stabilize the relationship. When Venus forms a sextile to Saturn, we are able to access more clarity around our emotional needs and the boundaries of our affection. This is a good day to have discussions of reconciliation or negotiation. This energy can be good for making business deals and revisiting relationship difficulties.

There are a few transits this month that can lead us to feel pent-up energy (and anger) bubbling to the surface. During this time, we would all be very well served by nourishing our bodies with calming foods (avoiding sugar, caffeine, and alcohol) , getting plenty of exercise and expressing ourselves in a physical form (especially if you are creative), and speaking and acting with intention and care. Meditation is a very useful tool in general, but especially at this time. (Sunlight of the Spirit offers several meditation classes on Saturdays. See our Stove Events page.)

Some excellent stones to carry this month include black tourmaline, lepidolite, and scolecite. Black tourmaline is an energetic cloak of protection that deflects the negative energy of others and helps to protect our body from accidents (which have an increased chance of occurring during a Mars conjunction to the Sun). This grounding stone connects with the root chakra and can help keep us out of dark moods and keep us connected to our own sense of self and purpose.

Lepidolite would be beneficial to carry as it is well-known for helping with mood regulation (due to its high lithium content) and cultivating a sense of calmness. Also referred to as the Grandmother stone, it has a sweet and nurturing nature that helps to offer wisdom through gentleness. Curiously enough, it has also been associated with assisting with symptoms of Alzheimer’s! Lepidolite helps to increase our self-love and motivate us to continue down the sometimes long journey of self-healing.

Lastly, scolecite is a beautiful and auspicious stone to carry this month as it has an incredibly high vibration that brings about peace and tranquility in whatever environment it inhabits. Trouble sleeping can be a result of both Mars conjunct the Sun and Mars conjunct Mercury so this is a great stone to keep under your pillow if you notice your circadian rhythms being affected. This stone resonates with the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras and helps to connect us to our souls’ purpose. 

All of these stones can be found in Sunlight of Spirit (although we don’t always have scolecite so get it while you can!)

I hope that you find this horoscope to be a helpful roadmap for the two weeks to come! 

Honoria Jones

About the author:

Honoria is a tarot reader, astrologer, and musician who has been a part of the Sacramento community for the last decade. You can book a reading with her at or come into Sunlight of the Spirit on the first Saturday of every month. Her website is:

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