Astro Newsletter #4

A little bit of a break…

Hello Sunlight Family!

The last two weeks of October brings us a break from a slough of some slightly uncomfortable transits.

On October 16th, Mercury is sextile Venus which is great for influencing people socially or conversations, expressing our creativity (especially within our social network or through the written word), pampering yourself and your friends, and can also be favorable for financial and/or networking opportunities. In other words, it’s a great day to put yourself out there! This is a good day to ask for a favor, share an opinion, and meet new people or spend time with your friends. This would be a great day to go out for brunch or dinner and chat with your friends as Mercury is a chatterbox and Venus is sensual and enjoys relaxing and eating (and both are associated with friendship!) If you are in a relationship, you might feel an extra sparkle in the exchanges between you and your partner, creating a sense of harmony and closeness. Chrysocolla is a marvelous stone to carry during this transit as it is conducive to both Mercurial and Venusian energies, paving the way for compassionate communication that comes from a place of emotional intelligence and goodwill.

For the second half of October, we have an exact square between the Sun and Pluto on the 17th. The Sun represents our ego and identity while Pluto is the planet of control, trauma, and transformation. With a square between these two planetary bodies, we may find ourselves vying for control in some aspect. This could manifest as brushing up against authority or being in an ego conflict with someone you love. When Pluto squares the Sun, our deepest wounds and traumas are being poked and prodded so it would be wise to make sure that we are acting with intention and gentleness as the tendency for self-destructive behavior is elevated at this time. This is a good time to look at why we feel like we need control. What situations and people trigger us to act from a place of paranoia, manipulation, or rage? Where does this come from and how can you care for yourself around this? If you use this energy to probe into the source ofyour pain rather than succumbing to your darker programming, you can release some of your fear around these situations, allowing you to respond from a place of healing and empowerment in the future. Bloodstone, black tourmaline, and howlite would be great to carry on this day to help us control our frustration, protect us from negative energy, and soften our hard edges.

howlite & black tourmaline
Howlite & Black Tourmaline

Hold onto your shorts, folks, because Mercury stations direct on the 18th (although we are technically out of Mercury retrograde, we will continue to be feeling the effects of the retroshade until November 2nd). When Mercury returns to its direct orbit, situations that were confusing or frustrating tend to become clearer. You may find that you are able to get a fresh start at approaching a conflict or challenge that was resulting in an impasse during the retrograde. This is the time to integrate what you have learned about what was and was not working for you communication-wise (especially in your close relationships as Mercury is in Libra) and carry that knowledge with you in the future.

Additionally, we can rejoice as there are going to be far less mechanical and technological failures and a sharpening of our mental faculties.

On October 18th, Mars forms an exact trine to Jupiter. This transit is likely to feel like a burst of positive energy, confidence, and maybe a hint of competitiveness. This is a great day for any sort of conquest, whether it be a personal creative goal, deepening or improving existing relationships, or concerns business and finances. This is a transit that actually favors some healthy risk-taking! Not only that, but the glimmer or Mercury sextile Venus will be lingering, making you extra charming and compelling! This transit favors displays of your confidence via making decisions, increasing your opportunities, or putting yourself out there. Some great stones to carry during this transit include carnelian (to harness the sacral energy of this transit) and orange calcite for tap into the expansion of creativity that is being offered during this time.

The benefic glow of this former transit is challenged, however, by Mars square Pluto on the 20th. Similar to a square between the Sun and Pluto, when Mars and Pluto are odds, intense power struggles tend to manifest. If this is not with another person, it may manifest itself internally as a desire to climb higher in whatever arena you have been applying yourself. This is a day to be very in check with our aggressive and domineering tendencies, especially if you are one who is in a position to exert power over others. This is decidedly not a good day to push back on someone with more clout than you as you are likely to get the short end of this stick. When applied on a personal level, this transit can be harnessed to push past self-constructed barriers that get in the way of your success such as outdated belief systems, shame, and behaviors that do not serve your goals. You are likely to feel triggered on this day so use the tools that are effective for you in order to ground so that you are able to respond intentionally and with gentleness. A great stone to carry during this transit would be chalcedonney!


The effects of these transits will linger for a few days and then on October 26th, Venus squares Neptune. Delusion on multiple levels is likely during sensual and relational Venus’ journey through the mists of Neptune. This is a time when we have the potential to feel awkward in and out of touch our bodies as well unsure of where we stand with others. A lack of self-confidence usually rocks the boat in our relationships so it’s important to remember that the perceptions you have about yourself and others during this time are not necessarily true. Speaking of truth, this is also a transit that makes us more vulnerable to deception, especially from someone we find charming. There is a risk of ignoring red-flags because you are operating on a fantastical projection. Remember that people are invariably flawed. This is a good time to question the legitimacy of our connections and to be cautious about not putting too much trust in someone before they have earned it. Doing anything sneaky right now is ill-advised (in general but especially presently). Try not to feel bad about a lack of self-discipline and confidence during this transit as it is not just you. It is strongly advised that you avoid drugs or anything addictive during this transit as the propensity to over-indulge is amplified. Lepidolite and picture jasper would be great stones to carry in order to help us stay physically regulated and to “see the bigger picture” when iot comes to our perceptions and behavior choices.

Lepidolite & Picture Jasper
Lepidolite & Picture Jasper

On October 28th, Venus sextile Jupiter, bringing an incredibly fun vibe to the table. This is a day when you are likely to feel shiny and confident and experience goodwill towards others, especially strangers. There is a sense of expansive generosity and kindness. Who couldn’t do with a bit of that, eh? This is a good day to socialize as you are likely to be extra charming and feel more attractive than usual. This is a good day for making new friends, going on a longer trip, and making financial investments as benefic and lucky Jupiter tangoes with sensual, value-driven Venus. The only warning here is to avoid excesses, especially with things that feel good but aren’t like sugar, alcohol, and anything addictive. This is also a great day to celebrate your lover if you have one. Rose quartz and rhodonite would be auspicious to wear during this heart opening transit.

Rose Quartz & Rhodonite
Rose Quartz & Rhodonite

As the shimmery energy of the sextile between Venus and Jupiter wanes, we are likely to confront some challenges as the Sun squares Saturn. This transit can leave us feeling insecure, pessimistic, and blocked. Your duties and responsibilities may feel like a burden that are hindering your self expression. This could manifest as your superiors putting pressure on you or an event or person getting in the way of something you were trying to pursue. In order to positively harness this energy it is recommended that you tap into your patience and harness your tenacity when faced with challenges instead of feeling oppressed by them. Whatever the challenge is, by moving through it with forbearance, you will be better equipped to deal with similar situations in the future instead of feeling perpetually “put upon” by hiccups in the external world. Some helpful stones to boost your confidence and self-determination during this time would be bumblebee jasper and red jasper.

Jasper - - Red Jasper
Honoria Jones

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