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Events at the Store

Ho'ponopono: Hawaiian Forgiveness Process

with Grace Arielle
Saturday, November 17th 3-5pm

[$22 per person]

Come and journey into the magical healing power of Hawaiian Ho Ho’oponopono.  This simple Hawaiian spiritually based process of compassion, self-forgiveness, forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love has the capacity to create bold transformation of the heart and mind.  Ho’oponopono changes our perceptual lens, the way we see and meet the experiences of our pasts, allowing the present moment to be lived with peaceful clarity, and the future to be built from a peaceful, compassionate space. Aloha

Your guide: Grace Arielle of Embodied Wellness is an intuitive holistic therapist, author, and workshop facilitator. She is lovingly devoted to supporting individuals in connecting and embodying the authentic Self. Contact Grace at with questions.

Akashic Records Practice Group

Sunday, November 18th 12:30-2:00pm

Topic: "Past Life Exploration & Clearing"

Welcome to the ongoing Akashic Records Practice Group!

You will have the opportunity to practice Akashic Records readings for yourself or do a reading for someone else (with permission). Everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience. Classes begin with a guided centering meditation, and introduction to the prayer process, then experiential Akashic Records reading time and a discussion. Each class is $15.

The topic we will be exploring this session is:"Past Life Exploration & Clearing". You will have the opportunity to discover the past lives that are affecting you today and to clear any karmic influences that your soul is ready to release.

More info on the Akashic Records pages,