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Events at the Store

Upcoming Events for May & June 2018  

ENERGETIC TAROT™ - Saturday May 19 1-5pm
and Sunday May 20 1-5pm


INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $65 per 30 min - $125 per hour Energetic Tarot™ reading or Skully Meditation

Divinely inspired change agents and healers. Transforming Lives Activating Souls

Do you wish to discover a hidden truth? Are you wanting to seek a new path? Need LOVE? Are you having to reinvent yourself? Are you stuck and continue to repeat the same pattern? Are you caught up in the chaos of the world and want to uncover your purpose?

SPIRITUAL ECSTASY gives you the courage to surrender your fears in order to ignite your passion. Energetic Tarot™ …You draw a card and we unravel the deeper meaning and how it applies to your life. We teach the highest expression of your own beauty comes from opening the wellspring of your heart; the space of all miracles. Release obstacles standing in the way of reclaiming your life.

“I felt as if I had been given the secrets to the universe…”

Would you like to experience the healing energy of SKULLY, our activated Crystal Skull? Curious about the power of crystals?

SPIRITUAL ECSTASY is taking you on our SPIRITUAL ADVENTURES™ as we travel the world with our Fluorite Crystal Skull affectionately called “Skully", healing people and the planet.

Throughout the day, we’ll be offering Private Sessions for you to meditate with Skully and download information specifically for you and your journey. We teach you about the ancient history of crystal skulls.


“You turn ordinary into extraordinary…"

Rebecca Dru is a Grammy Nominated Sound Freak, Transformation Photographer and Medical Intuitive. Misti Cooper Spiritual Alchemist™ is a gifted Energetic Healer. Together they travel around the world going on Spiritual Adventures with Skully the Crystal Skull facilitating impromptu healings from Vatican City to The Hill of Tara…Mt Shasta to the top of Coba Pyramid . If you happen to be where they are… it’s no coincidence…Uncover hidden passions and your life purpose. This is Spiritual Ecstasy.

Book your Energetic Tarot™ Reading or Skully The Crystal Skull Session with Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru now.

For more info: Individual sessions are available prepay or at the door (if available)

SUNLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT 2314 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 +1.916.440.1533

Saturday May 19 1-5pm

Sunday May 20 1-5pm

“I won’t spoil it for you because you have to see them yourself…”

Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru can be seen and heard on internet radio/tv shows and UBN Radio/TV.

Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper also offer private session via Skype and phone all over the world.

Spiritual Ecstasy with Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru and Skully the Crystal Skull will be featured in the Hollywood Fringe Festival from May 31 - June 24 at The Lounge Theatre with 5 shows available. It’s Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull meets Deepak Chopra! Live Interactive Audience Participatory Theatre where YOU, the audience, gets to determine the subject matter and the direction of the show…and no two shows are alike.


Call: +1.310.409.9765


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @spiritualxtc @druified @mistical888 @skullycrystal

Get Rebecca Dru’s award wining music on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon

Misti Cooper is a Worldwide Energetic Healer• Spiritual Consultant•Minister of LOVE•

Author•Inspirational Speaker• Radio/TV Talk Show Host•Teacher•Leads Spiritual Adventures

to Sacred Sites•Meditation & Qi Gong facilitator•fondly known as The Spiritual Alchemist.

Rebecca Dru is an International Intuitive•Spiritual Consultant•Minister of LOVE•Teacher•

Soul Photographer•Author• Grammy Nomin8ed Artist/Songwriter•Sound Freak Facilitator

•Laughter Healing•Crystal Healing•Earth Healing•Spiritual Adventurer•Motiv8ional SpeakR• Radio/TV Talk.

Together, They are Spiritual Ecstasy.

Introduction to Meditation
Saturday, June 16th 1-3pm

To Meditate is a State of Being
at "Attention with No Tension"

Mother meditating

  • By using mantra learn how to go into the inner silence to activate your own self-healing abilities and connect to your inner guidance or intuition.
  • Discover how science has documented the benefits of a meditation practice.
  • Receive an energy transmission to experience the deep silence for yourself.

Cecilia Trahan, RN

My name is Cecilia Trahan, RN. I have been an RN for 21 years and a meditation teacher and yoga instructor for 15 years. I have spent the last 9 years in intense practice and learning and would like to share this knowledge with seekers of truth. I am on the board of trustees at Shirdi Sai Temple LA and Sacramento.