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Siantra: Astrologer & Crystal Specialist


Siantrai: Astrologer & Crystal Specialist

“My purpose is to catalyze your spiritual evolution.”

I am an astrologer and crystal specialist who uses the natal chart as a map to identify the energies that attract certain people and experiences into your Life.

This insight enables you to enhance your strengths and transform your weaknesses. My goal is the empowerment of your Soul.

Astrology assists me in identifying your point of attraction, and introducing crystal energies will assist you in changing your vibration which will draw to you new and better experiences that are aligned with your highest potential.

If you wish to break free of the chains that bind you, the power to do so is already within you.

My job is to help you find it.

I have been working as an astrologer for a year now, though I have been studying it for much longer. My history with crystals stretches back to some of my earliest childhood memories and my fascination for them has only increased with time. I am experienced in the art of connecting to the dimensions wherein their wise and transcendent intelligence lies.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you to ignite the flame that frees your Soul.