Astrology Readings by Rachael Nicholas-Mark - Mondays 12-5pm

Astrology Readings by Rachael Nicholas-Mark

Rachael is a certified Master High Priestess with the afforded title Master Adept Universal Goddess High Priestess of the Third Degree. She is also an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church Seminary ( Her credo is "The Beauty Way".

She is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and is half Navajo. Her paternal grandfather was a traditional Navajo Medicine Man, and her grandmother was a traditional Navajo Medicine Woman. Her maternal grandmother was a inspirational, spiritual speaker and her grandfather the last hereditary chief of the Munsee Delaware tribe.

She has studied under the instruction of professional astrologer, Charles Carter Flory.

Astrology is consider a science based form of divination. Rachael goes in the direction of allowing the astrological data to assist her with psychically centering a link into your soul's purpose. Every person has a desire for something and seeking areas of improvement in their life. Have you been trying to manifest your dreams, only to slip and be forced backwards? What is impeding your progress? With astrology, Rachael is able to look for the foundation that has been overlooked and most likely ignored in order to reach your goal or be more comfortable with your surroundings.

Rachael's metaphysical student history includes completing three levels of High Priestess Training from October 2012 to March 2015. She is also a certified Usui & Sekhem Reiki Master. Her memberships are with the American Federation of Astrologers and the Church of Light (Metaphysical Church).

With astrology being her primary divination of choice, Rachael invites you to meet her and venture together towards your purpose, finding the tools to remove or work through obstacles along the way.