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Intuitive Soul Readings by Patricia

Intuitive Soul Readings by Patricia

I am a direct intuitive reader and healer. I use my abilities as needed per each client. This means using a combination of each of my abilities to assist in providing the best possible consultation possible.

I am a…

  • Clairaudient (hear spirit),
  • Clairsentient (feel spirit),
  • Clairvoyant (see spirit),
  • A Channeler (provide messages)
  • Natural Healer

I am guided by the Virgin Mary, The Ascended Masters, The Angelic Realm, my Guides, and of course yours.

I can help you with many different important life issues such as decisions regarding relationships, grief healing with the passing of loved ones, unresolved issues, relocation, employment miseries, or just a general need for direction. A consultation with me will give you a sense of peace and direction.

I have well over 20 years of experience in the psychic world. I have always had my abilities and with time, have figure out how to work with them and not against them.